We travel throughout North America speaking and offering trainings and workshops, and have received consistent acclaim for our expertise and inviting teaching style. We frequently update this section so please check back often. You can also stay up-to-date about our upcoming events by clicking here to join our mailing list.

Video Clips of Us Speaking

Upcoming Events

Cultivating Emotional Mindfulness and Healing Attachment Trauma:
Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy
University of Colorado-Denver Campus
Denver, CO
September 24th, 2016

Neuroplasticity in Action:
Rewiring Internal Working Models of Attachment
The Scottish Rite Masonic Museum
Lexington, MA
October 21st, 2016

Being an Emotionally Mindful Therapist
Professional Psych Seminars
Glendale, CA
November 6th, 2016

AEDP Essential Skills
(Module Two)
Parma, Italy
November 24th-27th, 2016

AEDP Core Training
Bay Area, CA
January 13th-15th, 2017

Healing Attachment Trauma:
Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy
American Jewish University
Los Angeles, CA
February 11th, 2017

Cultivating the Skills of Emotional Mindfulness:
Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy
The Dutch Association for Marital and Family Therapy
Amsterdam, Holland
March 11th, 2017

Emotional Mindfulness, Connection, and Healing for Gay Men
The Esalen Institute
Big Sur, CA
April 7th-9th, 2017

AEDP Essential Skills
(Module Three)
Parma, Italy
May 4th-7th, 2017

Emotional Mindfulness, Connection, and Healing:
Befriending the Wisdom and Power of Your Emotions
Kripalu Center
Stockbridge, MA
June 16th-18th, 2017

Being an Emotionally Mindful Therapist
The Cape Cod Institute
Eastham, MA
July 3rd - 7th, 2017

AEDP Core Training
Stockholm, Sweden
September 1st-3rd, 2017

Past Workshops/Presentations

We’ve given workshops in dozens of venues including:

American Psychological Association (NYC, Toronto, San Francisco, Washington, DC)
Cape Cod Institute (Eastham, MA)
Center for Emotionally Focused Therapy (Ottawa)
Kripalu (Stockbridge, MA)
Esalen (Big Sur, CA)
LA County Psychological Association (Los Angeles, CA)
Lifespan Learning Institute (Los Angeles)
Minnesota Psychological Association (Minneapolis)
New York State Psychological Association (New York)
Premier Education Solutions (PESI)

Some of our past workshops include:

Cultivating Emotional Mindfulness: Acclerated Experiential Dynamic Therapy
Feeling and Dealing: Attachment Theory in Clinical Practice
Beyond Mirroring: Existing in the Heart and Mind of the Other
Healing and Transformation in the Here-and-Now: Experiential Work and Psychodynamic Psychotherapy
Don't Let it Get to You: Tips for Managing Stress
"There's Never Enough Time!": How to Study in Less Time and Do Better
The Counseling Psychologist and the GLBT Community